Creating Your Ideal
Career Workshop
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Life Transformations, LLC
On April 3, 2008: The first Enlightened Leadership: Maximizing
Creativity via Innovation, Imagination and Intuition
The program was executed as expected. I knew there was
more material than could be presented in the time allotted (something
like material than could be presented in having more scope than can fit
into a schedule!) which led to my decision to leave a bit out (also normal
with projects). The time adjustment allowed for a very innovative final
exercise which incorporated many of the day’s concepts and appeared to
delight the participants as evidenced by their enthusiasm.

Some comments were “
Thank-you for a wonderful workshop that
opened up our senses..”,  “Wonderful exercises. I enjoyed the structure
to explore these ideas and have a guided practice” and “Thank-you for
helping me validate my belief in listening more to my inner self/intuition”.  
Others offered suggestions for improvement such as “more time”, and
“even greater audience participation”.

Highlights of the program included modules on:
-Enlightened Leadership foundation concepts
-Accessing and energizing right brain creativity
-Understanding your flashes of inspiration
-Intuitive and Balanced Brain Decision Making
On Nov. 13, 2008, the first class of Creating Your Ideal Career was
launched as the economy took a dive. Participants found the
program extremely helpful to deal with the uncertainly, to
remain positive and to forge a path to their best career
possible. Although it was a rainy day, spirits remained high
and attendees were reluctant to leave at the end, having
found new ideals as well as new partners to share

Comments included:
Excellent seminar/workshop. I learned a
great deal about myself and my ideal career. I will
recommend this workshop to others. Thank you for a
wonderful learning experience!”
-First Enlightened
Workshop Review
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Innovation, Imagination and Intuition Workshop held June 22,
2009. See description below.