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Association for Research & Enlightenment
I studied intuitive development at the ARE's Institute for Intuitive Studies. The ARE
is a wealth of information on all aspects of spirituality and have numerous
conferences and workshops throughout the year. Contact them for further information.
Henry Reed, one of my mentors at the ARE's IIS, puts out this e-zine promoting the
use and benefits of the intuition. He also has a daily mandala newsletter. Contact
Henry through his website for more details.
Smile Train
The Smile Train is one of my favorite charities. They offer impoverished children
around the world a chance at a new life by surgically correcting cleft palates. Every
cent that they receive goes into the service of the cleft organization - all the doctors
operate voluntarily. I donate several operations a year to this group. (10% of my
profits go to charity!)operations a year to this group. (10% of my profits go to charity!)

Community Chapel for Wholistic Healing
CCWH has been serving the Washington metro area for over 30 years Rev. Michelle
Lusson, DoD, has retired to Virginia Beach, but the organization continues with a new
class of ordained minister, of which I'm one as of December 5, 2009. I look forward to
serving in the highest good of all concerned.
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NOVA Lightworkers
becoming a Lightworker; that is, using one's inner light of knowledge and wisdom to
further soul growth. At the core of using the "light" is energy, so we have an energy
focus, such as Reiki, intuitive guidance, working with universal principles, spiritual
philosophies (such as Kabbalah), and empowering change for life transformations.
Anyone interested in being part of a community of like-minded people who want to
nurture soul growth is welcome.