Customer Testimonials
Life Transformations, LLC
was great! She provided the team with valuable techniques to help with stress situations. .. she was able
after leaving the presentation.."

Bruce B. on the PMI KXF briefing- "Your Creative Approach to WBS presentation was efficient, engaging,
and very useful - a terrific combination. I look forward to your newsletter.."

"     Almost since our inception, Joanne has consistently been received as a valued speaker and facilitator
at the PMI WDC Knowledge Exchange Forum. I have personally participated in a number of her
workshops. Joanne just doesn't present, but she performs. She has the special talent of using her
workshops to challenge each attendee on their own grounds. She naturally disarms people's defenses,
drawing out their "real" issues and then reconstituting their old reality into new ways of thinking about
overcoming life's challenges - not just professonally, but personally. She truly desires to positively
influence people's lives - one person at a time. You really have to attend her workshops to experience it!"
Clark Sheakley, PMP
PMI WDC Knowledge Exchange Forum, Chair
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"I would definitely recommend this type of transformation to others".

Jay B.: "I found the work Joanne did with me immensely helpful on a cognitive, spiritual and emotional level.
She helped me to work through childhood trauma."

Angel Z.:"This experience gave me a new dimension and tool for approaching life's critical moments and

Marie Z.:"Through Joanne's teachings I have learned to relax, to meditate and let go of negative energy."

Yahoo local review (User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars ) by
Sharon from Sterling, VA
"I have benefited greatly from the guidance and coaching I have received from Joanne Aaronson. She has
kept me on track to meet some of my professional and personal goals. In fact, I have to work on coming up
with new goals since, as a result of her assistance; I have achieved most of the goals we set when I had my
first consultation. Her sessions helped me focus to achieve positive results and steer clear of the pitfalls
that can occur on the path to success. I highly recommend this experience to anyone wishing to lead a
fulfilled life."

Kirsten S.  "Joanne was focused and creative.  Her approach to identifying my energy and what was
holding me back was enlightening.  It was a great experience to work with her.  My "ah-ha" moment grew
exponentially while I was coaching with her.  I would recommend her to anyone looking to move forward in
their life. Thank-you so much for the growth! "

Neeraj S. "Wonderful life coach. Joanne is full of resources. I am impressed with her knowledge on different
Germaine P. "It was my amazing great fortune to have Joanne Aaronson as a life coach to help me navigate
the seas of the unemployed world. As a professional undergoing a career transition and personal changes in
a challenging market, Joanne's unique skill sets in utilizing intuitive techniques combined with high level
corporate experience served my needs in a grand way. Inner blocks and negative patterns that weaved
through my work and personal life were identified and addressed. This is a huge breakthrough that must
occur to prevent negative and repetitive patterns. I came away from each session with increased clarity,
significant changes, tools and specific action items for me to execute and empower my journey. I fully
recommend hiring Joanne for anyone who seeks to make profound and deep changes to increase the
quality and fulfillment of their personal and career life."

Amy O. "Joanne was instrumental in helping me get to the point where I could envision my perfect job...and
then get it! We worked on a lot of stuff - both personal and professional - and it helped bring me clarity as to
why my current profession wasn't right for me. I am also much stronger on the personal front. She also
helped me learn how to trust my instincts."

Teri L."I highly recommend Joanne as life coach and spiritual counselor.  During every one of our sessions I
had an Ah-ha! moment.  She brought a new perspective to some issues that have plagued me for many
years, and gave me tools to use if/when the same troubling thoughts and feelings arise.  I feel stronger in my
personal life and am sure that, by extension, my professional situation and interpersonal relationships will
benefit.  I am fortunate that Joanne was at the right place, at the right time, so I could meet her and take
advantage of her gifts.  Many thanks."